Group Homes: McBride Quality Care Services, Inc. runs and operates 25 specialized contract Licensed Adult Foster Care Homes of varying size for people with Developmental Disabilities and those who have a mental illness. Our Homes are contracted through local Community Mental Health Agencies. If you are an individual searching for placement in one of these Group Homes you must apply for services through your local Community Mental Health Board.

CLS Sites: Community Living Supports- McBride Quality Care Services also offers care for individuals in their own Home through a program funded by Community Mental Health called CLS. Applicants interested in this program must be Medicaid eligible and receive services through Community Mental Health.

Youth Services:
Day Treatment Program
Mission Statement

The mission of the Isabella County Day Treatment Program is to offer at-risk youth and their families professional services and support. The goals of the Day Treatment Program are to serve at-risk youth by providing them with the skills necessary to manage their behavior in socially acceptable ways and by providing them with an environment which will offer youth the opportunity to reach their fullest potential while achieving educational and treatment goals. The Program recognizes the strengths and identifies the needs of the family as a whole. It is designed as a process, offering strategies for changes that will positively enhance the environment in which families live.
The Isabella County Day Treatment Program is an intensive, local, community-based, educational and family-oriented therapeutic rehabilitation program that addresses the needs of up to 12 youth, and their families, who display severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. The Day Treatment Program provides a wide range of intensive rehabilitative services to youth in a highly structured day time setting while allowing the youth to return and live at home nightly. The Program transports youth to and from the on-site location and operates Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 7:30 pm (excluding Holidays). In addition to on-site rehabilitation and supervision, which the youth receive during Program hours of operation, the Program also provides intensive surveillance of youth during non-Program hours.